Sunday, March 25, 2012

Unlocking the hidden menus in Insyde H2O BIOS

This is a topic that I fully described on my website. These topics are now expanded on pages and posts on my blog "The Technology Muse".


    At Best Buy I spent long time rebooting laptops and taking a look at their BIOS; till recently (2011) there were laptops in which the native and non-native SATA support option was visible and functioning; so it is in the program; and according to the screen-shots posted on above-linked forum, the IDE and SATA option was made visible and functioning. (I tried the modified BIOS made by the man, but my CQ56 laptop would not pay attention to it; I couldn't even damage the BIOS, much less modify it)

    It must be possible to write another BIOS (since Insyde and others wrote one); the question is how long would it take and how expensive would it be. Just as people can write embedded OS for cash registers, typewriters.

    Today the BIOS aims simply to prevent us from installing XP (it is bad enough that I had to pay for a Win 7 that I am not using, but now I am not allowed to use my laptop with anything else ?!); how long before manufacturers will attempt to prevent us from installing Linux, FreeBSD ?

    I use Linux, too (where could I buy an OS-less laptop?); but until they come up with an OCR, as good as OmniPage, I have to use NT 5.0